I am offering a consultation service, priced at $50 per hour, taxes-in.
I provide peer support & and direction to Neuro-Affirming resources on Neurodivergent (ND) conditions, as well as point you in the direction needed to navigate our complex healthcare system here in New Brunswick. I provide emotional support and will be your child's advocate for accommodations in school if you need help fighting the good fight.
Behaviour is communication, and I use my lived experience as an ND parent of ND children to help you figure out what your child is trying to communicate through their behaviour, which, in my experience, is often been missed by doctors and therapists.
I don't have "credentials" beyond my lived experience. This is a peer support service. I am not here to assess, diagnose, or medicate you or your children, or provide therapy or intervention of any kind. I am not a therapist, psychologist, or medical doctor, and my services are centred around advising you to work with these professionals.
Please remember that your neurodivergent children are not inherently sick (unless of course, they have some other condition). Autism has been medicalized instead of simply being understood and accommodated. I am here to help you understand it. I am here to help you learn how to accommodate. I am not here to "treat" your child; I'm here to help you understand them and how you can support them in living their best life and reduce the chaos in your home.

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